The main objective of the Directorate is to prepare Regional plans and development plans in urban areas inorder to achieve a planned and holistic development in the state. Technical advisory and development permission is also done by various offices of the Directorate, to ensure proper implementation of these plans and to achieve control on land development and its usages in the state. A brief about various tasks of the Directorate is given below -

(A) Preparation of Regional Plan :State Government under Section - 4 of the Act shall declare any area in the state as a region for the purpose of this Act, identify the limits of such area and specify its name by which such region shall be known. For this purpose, Directorate prepares the Regional Plans under section – 4 to 12 of Chhattisgarh Nagar Tatha Gram Nivesh ACT 1973.
(B) Preparation of Development Plan:- :- Preparation of Development Plans for the Urban Areas of the state and preparation of Special Development Plans for the places of Tourism and religious importance is done under the section 13 to 19 of Town and Country Planning Act, 1973 as per following stages -
1. Delineation of Planning Area
2. Preparation of Existing Land Use Map
3. Preparation of Draft Development Plan/Zoning Plan
4. Publication and Adoption of Development Plan.
(C)Implementation of Development Plans:- Providing necessary technical guidance to the Urban Local Bodies/ Development Authorities for implementation of Development Plan and also accords the development permissions/ approvals.
((D) Control on Development of land and it’s usages :- to control development of land and it’s uses in the state, following measures are taken as per the development plans prepared under CG T&CP Act 1973 and provisions mentioned under the CG Bhumi Vikas Adhiniyam 1984;
1.Sanctioning of lay out plans to Government and semi-Government organizations and private developers and to provide opinion/ No objection Certificate for the allotment of Nazul/ Government Land.
2.Sanctioning the plans of industrial Development centers/ Industrial Regions/ to provide permission/ opinion to develop private industries.
3.To provide necessary support to the State Government and other development institutions in framing policies pertaining to urban planning and management.
4. To act in controlling/prosecution against illegal land development and its demolition
5.To act according to the policies made under State housing policy and environmental policy for the development of towns.
6. To provide advisory to urban local bodies in resettlement of Jhuggi-Jhopri and sanctions lay out plans.
7. To provide advisory to urban local bodies in improvement of Traffic and transportation in the urban areas and to provide the necessary technical guidance for development of new roads/ intersections.
(E) Constitute Special Area Development Authority:- Special Area Development Authority have been established under this Act for the development of those potential areas under special conditions like industrial activities, mining, development and promotion of tourism in special riverfront areas. At present NRDA for Raipur Capital region and PURA Special Area for its adjacent area have been constituted. For Special mining and industrial development, SADA has been constituted as Tamnar (Raigarh) and Seepat (Bilaspur). For Riverfront development ARPA and Amarkantak as SADA have been constituted. Proposal for KHARUN (SADA) has been sent to the Government.